Thursday, May 21, 2015

2015 Franklin County Beekeepers' Association ICE CREAM SOCIAL –

2015 Franklin County Beekeepers' Association ICE CREAM SOCIAL –


The Franklin County Beekeepers' Association invites all association members and their families to a delightful evening at the Ice Cream Social -Tuesday, June 9th, - 6:30pm at Twin Bridge Meadow Family Campground, 1345 Twin Bridge Road, Chambersburg, PA.  Directions:  From Chambersburg take Rt. 30 west for approximately 6 miles.  Turn right on Twin Bridge Road and travel 1.2 miles to the campground.  Rain or Shine.


Members who have home ice cream makers (turners/churns/machines) make their favorite flavor and bring it to share with others.  If you don't have an ice cream maker at home, that's okay!  Bring another treat or just bring your appetite for good homemade ice cream and spend a pleasant evening meeting and talking with other beekeepers and their families. 


2015 Franklin County Beekeeper Association Meetings, and other items of interest


a.)          Summer Workshop-Wed, June 24th, -7pm-9:00 Ag Heritage Building, rooms 7 & 8.  Topics: feeding, splitting, supers, moving.


b.) FRANKLIN COUNTY FAIR -  Date: July 05 - July 11, 2015


c.)           Fall Workshop - Wed. July, 22nd, -7pm-9:00- Ag Heritage Building rooms 7 & 8:

Topics:  harvesting, extracting, bottling.


d.)           2nd Annual Honey Bee & Bloom Swap Meet and Picnic - Sat. Aug. 22nd,

9:00am-3:00pm Randy & David King’s, Kingsland Apiary, 7920 Ward Dr Mercersburg,

Pa 17236


e.)          Fall Management Meeting-Monday August 3rd, 6pm - Richard Paine’ Apiary


f.)            FCBA NUCS 2016 - August 26th, Order your bees early and get an early spring delivery


g.)            Winter Workshop- Wed. September 16th, -7:00-9pm Ag Heritage Building rooms 7 & 8: Topics: pest management, treating, reducing, covering, winter feeding, fondant


h.)           Annual Banquet, Graduation, Silent Auction - Tuesday, Oct 6th, - 6:30pm at the

Central Presbyterian Church, 40 Lincoln Way West, Chambersburg


i.)            “Do you want to be a Beekeeper” Thurs. Oct. 15th, 7:00-9pm Ag Heritage Building rooms 7 & 8