Wednesday, March 25, 2015

2015 Franklin County Beekeepers Association Meeting Dates including NUCs Delivery Date

NOTE:  Check for date changes and additional information at the Franklin County Beekeepers Association facebook page:


a.)           Beginning Beekeeping Field Day, Saturday, April 18th, from 1:00-4:00 pm Richard Paine’s Apiary, 1020 Swamp Fox Rd. Chambersburg, PA 17202, if raining call first 375-2352


b.)          !!!!Florida nucs, New Delivery DATE  will be Beginning Beekeeping Field Day on April 18 at Richard Paine’s (see address above)


c.)           Summer Apiary Management Meeting – May 4th, 6pm Richard Paine’s , Swamp Fox

Apiary, 1020 Swamp Fox rd. Chambersburg, pa 17202 -375-2352


d.)          Ice Cream Social -Tuesday, June 9th, - 6:30pm at Twin Bridge Meadow Family

Campground, 1345 Twin Bridge Road, Chambersburg, PA.


e.)          Summer Workshop-Wed, June 24th, -7pm-9:00 Ag Heritage Building rooms 7 & 8

dearth, feeding, splitting, supers, moving.


f.)           Fall Workshop - Wed. July, 22nd, -7pm-9:00- Ag Heritage Building rooms 7 & 8:

harvesting, extracting, bottling


g.)           2nd Annual Honey Bee & Bloom Swap Meet and Picnic - Sat. Aug. 22nd,

9:00am-3:00pm Randy & David King’s, Kingsland Apiary, 7920 Ward Dr Mercersburg,

Pa 17236


h.)          Fall Management Meeting Monday August 3rd, 6pm - Richard Paine’ Apiary


i.)            FCBA NUCS 2016 - August 26th, Order your bees early and get an early spring delivery


j.)            Winter Workshop- Wed. September 16th, -7:00-9pm Ag Heritage Building rooms 7 & 8: pest

management, treating, reducing, covering, winter feeding, fondant


k.)           Annual Banquet, Graduation, Silent Auction - Tuesday, Oct 6th, - 6:30pm at the

Central Presbyterian Church, 40 Lincoln Way West, Chambersburg


l.)            “Do you want to be a Beekeeper” Thurs. Oct. 15th, 7:00-9pm Ag Heritage Building rooms 7 & 8